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How to: Make and Mold Chocolate Lollipops

So, this week, we’ve gotten a little ambitious. We’ve decided to go through all the trials and tribulations of making our own chocolate lollipops using Make and Mold products.  Now, when you try it at home, you can avoid the problems we had.

This project is not hard, but if you’re doing anything other than the mustaches (which only require one color chocolate) it will take some more care and some more time.

We skipped the mustaches and dove into the advanced set, choosing the Safari Make and Mold set. The instructions on the back were written for someone like Martha Stewart. Well, maybe not Martha Stewart, but someone with more confidence in their abilities than me.

I tried two different ways of creating these Safari Chocolate Lollipops and I’ll take you through both of them, so you can decide which method works best for you.

How to: Make and Mold Chocolate Lollipops 

The Painting Method: Highly recommended as a fun activity for kids!

Before you get to the painting, you will need to create the base of each lollipop. Melt your colors into bowls and then spoon them into the mold. I chose yellow for the lion and giraffe, blue for the elephant, and white for the zebra.

Once the chocolate is in the mold, put it in the freezer. This will cool it faster and slow the melting process when warm hands are holding them to paint. Leave the mold to cool for 30 minutes to an hour so the chocolate fully hardens. Pop the chocolate shape out of the mold.

Next, take the Make and Mold Candy paint palette and choose your painting colors. Heat the colors in the microwave for 30 seconds. Cover the table to contain the mess before you begin to paint. Now, on to the fun part!

Take your brush and start painting!

How to: Make and Mold Chocolate Lollipops

This is such a fun spin on cookie decorating. Kids will love to express their creativity and paint a pink zebra or a polka dotted elephant. Use this project to fill a summer afternoon or as a fun birthday party activity.

What you’ll need: 

-Make and Mold Melting Candy

-Make and Mold Safari Mold

-Make and Mold Paint Palette



How to: Make and Mold Chocolate Lollipops

The Squeeze bottle method: Highly recommended for the perfectionist.

This method is a bit more work, but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I would recommend getting a few molds, so you don’t have to keep heating and reheating your chocolate while you wait for the lollipops to harden in the fridge.

Fill your squeeze bottles with the colors you have chosen for details: eyes, nose, spots, stripes, etc.  I filled my bottles with white for zebra stripes, brown for eyes, pink for noses, and orange for the lion’s face and giraffe’s spots.(You do not need to put the blue for the elephant in a squeeze bottle, you can spoon that into the mold instead.)

Begin with the details: the eyes, the zebra’s stripes, etc. Once you’ve completed them, pop them in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to freeze the details. This will keep the chocolate from smudging when you add the base color (note the lions black eye in my finished product).

Next, add your base color into the mold and gently tap the mold on the table to flatten out the chocolate. Once it’s flattened, add the lollipop stick.

How to: Make and Mold Chocolate Lollipops

Finally, pop the mold in the freezer, again, and allow 30-60 minute for your custom candies to harden.

What You’ll Need: 

-4 squeeze bottles

-3 Make and Mold molds

-Make and Mold melting chocolate/vanilla chips in the colors of your choosing

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